RSGISLib WMTS Tools str, name_filter: str = None) List[str]

A function which uses the owslib module to retrieve the list of available layers from a WMTS service.

  • wmts_url – the URL for the WMTS service.

  • name_filter – an optional layer name filter the filter has to be found within the layer name using the ‘in’ operator (e.g., layers with ‘visual’ in layer_name)


list of layers names str, wmts_lyr: str, bbox: List[float], bbox_epsg: int, output_img: str, gdalformat='GTIFF', zoom_level: int = None, tmp_dir: str = None, wmts_epsg: int = None)

A function which retrieves an image (e.g., GTIFF) from a WMTS for a specified region of interest. Be care to ask for large areas at high zoom levels!

Note, gdal will cache tiles which will be saved to a default path which can be defined using the GDAL_DEFAULT_WMS_CACHE_PATH variable.

  • wmts_url – The url for the WMTS service

  • wmts_lyr – the layer within the WMTS to use

  • bbox – the bounding bbox for the region of interest [MinX, MaxX, MinY, MaxY]

  • bbox_epsg – the EPSG code of the inputted bbox.

  • output_img – the output image file path.

  • gdalformat – the output image format.

  • zoom_level – Optionally, the zoom level to be outputted.

  • tmp_dir – Optionally, a temporary directory for some intermediate files. If not specified, a tmp dir is created and removed in the local path from where the script is run from.

  • wmts_epsg – Provide the epsg code for the WMTS layer (probably 3857) if the code can’t automatically find it.