Docker and Singularity

The simplest way to download and use RSGISLib and associated packages is via Docker ( We provide stable and development Docker images:

  • Stable: petebunting/au-eoed

  • Development: petebunting/au-eoed-dev

docker pull petebunting/au-eoed
# Note. for commands below all data and script need to be available in your
# local directory and to be referenced from the /data path.
# Run your rsgislib python script
docker run -i -t -v ${PWD}:/data petebunting/au-eoed python /data/
# Run an RSGISLib command line tool
docker run -i -t -v ${PWD}:/data petebunting/au-eoed -i img.kea -n 0
# Gain access to the docker image terminal
docker run -i -t -v ${PWD}:/data petebunting/au-eoed /bin/bash

For HPC users Docker cannot be used as it requires to execute as root user. However, Singularity ( allows Docker images to be imported and executed as a local user.

singularity pull docker://petebunting/au-eoed
# Note. Singularity has the advantage that is can use local paths and does not
# need to mount the file system to access file.
# Run your rsgislib python script
singularity exec au-eoed.simg python
# Run an RSGISLib command line tool
singularity exec au-eoed.simg -i img.kea -n 0

Binary Downloads

We make binary downloads available for Windows, Linux and MacOD, built using Python 3, through conda. You can get conda through the Anaconda or Miniconda Python distribution ( More details are available from

The recomended way to install RSGISlib locally is from conda-forge using the following commands on MacOS and Linux:

conda create -n osgeo-env-v1 python=3.7
source activate osgeo-env-v1
conda install -c conda-forge rsgislib

The following video shows the steps to undertake this installation.


The RSGISLib source is available to download from . Releases are available from the downloads tab, for the latest version of RSGISLib you can check out the development version with mercurial using:

hg clone rsgislib-code

We have also created spack ( build instructions, which are updated on an adhoc basis. See for spack source.

For help with compiling or downloading RSGISLib you can email our mailing list:

The archives can be accessed at:!forum/rsgislib-support