Command Line Utilities

RSGISLib comes with a number of command line utilities. To get more information on a command and usage use -h or –help.

Batch Processing

  • - A tool to enable a command line tool (e.g., gdal_translate) to be applied to a number of input files.

  • - A command to build a look up table (LUT) for a set of input imanges.

  • - A command to use a look up table (LUT) to find images and create commands for processing

Data Processing

  • - Run image segmentation

  • - Attribute Raster Attribute Table

  • - Mosaic a set of input image files.

  • - Easy tool for calculating image indicies

  • - Calculate the image statisitics and pyramids to enable fast display of image data.

  • - Copy the band names from an input image to an output image.

  • - convert an image dataset to KMZ for display in Google Earth Viewer

  • - create a website using leaflet using input image data

  • - simple to gdalinfo, get basic information for the image of interest.

  • - Find informaation and confirm between the first lie.

  • - Perform an image segmentation using the Shepherd et al, (2019) method.

  • - Find a list of layer and column names for a vector layer.

  • - Undertake zonal statistics between a vector and raster layer.

Post Processing

  • - Produce classification error matrix

  • - visualise some image datasets

  • - visualise some datasets stored in RAT.


  • flip - Convert line endings (e.g., Windows to UNIX, UNIX to Mac Classic).

  • rsgis-config - developer tool to find the installation paths and build options.