RSGISLib System Profiling Tools, interval=3, duration=600)

A function which creates a profile of memory and cpu usage of the system.

This function provides information for the whole system not a single process. Therefore, if you are trying to study the performance of a single function you should minimise the use of the system for anything other than the experiment you are performing in-order to avoid misleading results.

It is recommended that you run the function for a period (e.g., 30 seconds) before starting your processing so the background system usage can be estimated when the results are analysed.

  • out_file – The output file to which the information will be saved.

  • interval – The interval, in seconds, at which the information should be recorded. (default: 3 seconds)

  • duration – The time, in seconds, for which the function should run for. (default: 600 seconds; 10 mins), out_plot_file='sys_profile.pdf', ref_period=30, interval=3, plot_format='PDF')

A function which creates a plot using the output of the function. A reference period can be used to estimate the background system usage which is removed from the whole timeseries.

  • profile_file – a csv file from the function.

  • out_plot_file – the output image file. Default: sys_profile.pdf

  • ref_period – a reference period (in seconds) from which the background system resources will be estimated and removed from the whole timeseries. Default: 30 seconds. If a value of 0 is provided (or less 4 x interval) then no reference period will be used.

  • interval – the interval (in seconds) between measurements; used within the create_mem_cpu_profile function.

  • plot_format – the file format for the outputted plot (i.e., PDF or PNG). Default: PDF